School Council

Hamlyn Banks Primary School Council is the governing body of the school. It determines appropriate educational policies within Department of Education and Training guidelines which will ensure that the aims of the school are achieved. School Council is also responsible for the school’s monies and resources.


The composition of the Hamlyn Banks Primary School Council is:

  • 8 elected Non- DEECD parents
  • 3 DEECD employees including the Principal

Elected members of the School Council have a two year term with half retiring annually on the 31st March.  Occasionally a School Councillor retires early and a one year position may be created. This will be specified on the nomination form at election time. Elections are conducted according to the Education Regulation.

School Council meets on eight occasions per year.

Our school Finance School Council Subcommittee meets monthly to review the school’s financial position and finance reports that are then presented and ratified at School Council meetings.   

If you have any matters that you believe need to addressed by School Council please email with the subject line ATTN: SCHOOL COUNCIL.


Our Current School Council members are: 


School Council President: Annabelle Citroen

School Council Vice President: Jacinta Legg

Treasurer: Jodi Mulroyan


Parent Members: Melinda Antonenko, Shane Lee, Jordan Swaney, Jessie Walsdorf, and Celia Webb


Staff Members: Nigel Holloway, Jane Preston, and Krystina Simpson