The policies below are endorsed by the Hamlyn Banks Primary School Council and are reviewed in line with DET guidelines. 


The Department of Education and Training has a Policy Portal that is open to all members of the community - the School Policy and Advisory Guide. 





ICT Privacy Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy


Homework Policy  (updated 2017)


Assessment Policy


Bike Ed Policy


Technology Agreement - School Owned


Technology Agreement - Privately Owned


Performing Arts Policy


Health and Physical Education Policy


Promoting Excellence Policy






Child Safety Policy


Sunsmart Policy


Displan Policy


Playground Policy


Trespassers Policy


Roof Access – Ladder Safety Policy


Dog Policy




Uniform Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Dress Code Policy (updated 2017)
Playground Policy
ICT Privacy Policy


Schools Privacy Policy





Parent Payment Policy
Hire of School Buildings 



Student Engagement Policy (2012)


Anaphylaxis Policy (2008)


Swimming Policy (2008)