Hamlyn Banks Primary School was established in the mid 1980’s after the amalgamation of Lovely Banks and Bell Post Hill Primary Schools. Since that time there have been many wonderful developments to our school.


The school is proud to offer the following facilities to our children and school community: 

  • A fully stocked school library. 
  • Many upgraded classroom spaces that offer flexible learning options and spaces  - with plans for further upgrades in the near future.
  • A state of the art Visual and Performing Arts Centre which enables students to engage with the Arts effectively.
  • An indoor sports facility with a synthetic sports surface.
  • A real turf oval, including a watering system to ensure the grass is green all year round.
  • A safe and secure space with childproof gates connected to perimeter fence. 
  • Access to efficient and up-to-date technology facilities with regularly updated and secure servers that support our years 3-6 iPad program and shared iPads in Prep - 2.
  • A number of playground spaces for all children to access. 
  • Netball and basketball courts.  

All families and prospective families are encouraged to tour the facilities with the principal or assistant principal.




We are constantly looking for ways to deliver a world class learning experience for every child, in an environment that is inspiring and conducive of learning. We also love the fact that our local community can make use of our grounds outside of school hours. With that in mind, we are so pleased to have developed a MASTER PLAN for our school.


The plan involves upgrades and developments to our entire school. School Council will be prioritising the major projects so we can make a focused effort at bring the master plan to life one step at a time.


The Master Plan represents 5 months of planning and discussion. It captures the thoughts and ideas of the school community with student voice being instrumental in the design. The Master Plan is aspirational but we will be strategic in working towards individual projects to make it a reality over time! 


It is important for our community to know that ALL fundraising that occurs at the school will be used to achieve this plan for our children. If you are interested in finding out more feel free to contact me and if you feel like you have something to offer in terms of advice or services I would also be interested in speaking with you.


Master Plan


Please click here to view our Master Plan.