School Improvement

We are a passionate team, constantly striving to develop and grow as individual educators and as a school community. Our school has a 4 year School Strategic Plan that acts as a road map for our work. The goals and targets set out in this plan are a result of a detailed school review process. See the link to view our current Strategic Plan. 

Hamlyn Banks Primary School Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026
Each year, as a school we write an Annual Implementation Plan that includes far greater detail about our work for the year. It provides a framework for us as a school community to ensure our improvement efforts are targeted and directed at the areas identified for growth. See the link to view our current Annual Implementation Plan. 


Annual Implementation Plan - 2023


We focus all our improvement efforts on the four Improvement Priorities set our in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes. 



And to make it happen, we use the FISO Improvement Cycle. 

Improvement Cycle

School Improvement Teams 


Each week our staff meet in School Improvement Teams. These teams identify a 'Problem of Practice' from our school data and use an Action Research approach to identifying a strategy to improve the identified problem. They then develop a plan and monitor the impact on the selected data set. Each team works on the selected problem until improvement is achieved. The teams are dynamic and responsive to the needs of the school.