Absence Form

Absences –

We will continue to focus on improving our attendance rate in 2015. We made significant improvement between 2013 and reducing our rate by 3.5 days per student.

This year it is our aim for all students to attend school for 95% of the days available to attend school. Students with 100% attendance will be acknowledged at the end of each term and receive a certificate and a reward for effort at the end of the school year.

To support our work with attendance Ms. O’Shea will be tracking student absences and working with teachers and families to support them in getting students to school. You will also receive a notepad with absence notes to return to school if your child is away. It is most important that we have accurate records about attendance and as a school we aim for zero unexplained absences. Calling the shool to report an absence is also appropriate as office staff will record the absence and notify your child’s teacher.


Regular attendance at school is essential.  It helps school work, social adjustment, and the development of dependability.  In all cases of absence, the school must receive a written or verbal explanation from the parent.  However, a very sick child should be at home, not at school.  Students do not learn effectively when they are ill.  They may also pass on their illness to other students.  Appointments are unavoidable but please try to ensure your child attends for part of the day if possible.  Holidays taken during school terms are not encouraged.
Students should arrive at school at 8.50am ready to commence work at 9.00am but should not arrive too early as staff are only on duty after 8.45am.   Late arrivals are disruptive to student learning and distracting for all class members.

If a student is late we require  parents to sign their child in using the late book at the office.

 Any parent wishing to collect a child from school during school hours must receive approval to do so from the child’s teacher and sign the child out, in a book kept at the General Office.  Any person other than the parent wishing to collect a child during school hours must have a written request from the parent to that effect.

N.B.  Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours unaccompanied.

Student Absence Note